Native Apps

Native Apps

Leveraging the NFC APIs available in iOS and Android you can integrate HaLo scanning functionality directly into your custom app.

Arx Research doesn't maintain any example native applications at this time.


CoreNFC (opens in a new tab) allows you to interact with HaLos either through NFCNDEFTag (opens in a new tab) or NFCISO7816Tag (opens in a new tab). Generally the NFCISO7816Tag interace will allow for more precise control when communicating with a tag as reading out the full NDEF payload of the HaLo won't be necessary after each interaction.

You will need to request specific NFC capabilities through the Near Field Communication Tag Reader Session Formats Entitlement (opens in a new tab).


In Android you can use either NfcA (opens in a new tab) or Ndef (opens in a new tab) interfaces to interact with HaLos.

You can use the Android manifest (opens in a new tab) to both request permission for NFC communications as well as indicate that your app requires NFC capabilities in the phone to function.

React Native

See the LibHaLo React Native example (opens in a new tab).