Browser Apps

Browser Apps

Using either an iPhone or Android device with NFC you can interface with a HaLo entirely via our proprietary browser API. This is supported in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera, however most dapp browsers like MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet do not currently support this interface.

An alternative interface to our proprietary browser interface is WebNFC. With WebNFC enabled browsers, commands can be written and results read via NDEF formatted messages.

LibHaLo Demos

The LibHaLo library is a simple JavaScript library that provides a high-level interface to HaLo chips. The LibHaLo Demos (opens in a new tab) provide a variety of examples of how to use the library to interact with HaLo chips.

Specific demos include:

Offchain Minting App

The HaLo offchain minting app (opens in a new tab) uses user and chip signatures to associate content -- like images and videos -- with chips. It uses Arweave to retrieve and store chip records and associated content as well as Wallet Connect to request signatures that bind content with the wallet of its creator.

Bulk HaLo Scanner

The bulk HaLo scanning app hosted at bulk.vrfy.ch (opens in a new tab) is a simple webpage which scans HaLo chips and saves them to local storage. It captures public key information about the chip and can subsequently challenge chips to sign a challenge via the metadata field. Captured chip information and any associated signatures can be exported from the chip via a download button.

WebNFC Demo

WebNFC is only available in a limited number of browsers (opens in a new tab) today.

The halo-webnfc-demo (opens in a new tab) is a demo React web app which demonstrates reading, writing and verifying signatures via NDEF read and write commands. Refer to Explicit Command Mode and Record Structure for more information on how to construct commands and parse results.

Last updated on March 8, 2024